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Instructions for Visa Application

1. For visitor/business visa "F" type, a formal invitation/authorization letter or fax for visa processing is required from competent Chinese authorities or institutions, i.e. state commissions, ministries, provincial governments or government-authorized Chinese companies, corporations or institutions etc., and a cover letter from the applicant's company.

2. For student visa "X" type and "F" type, an application form (JW202 or JW201) for international students issued by the Ministry of Education or a notification of admission from the receiving university or college with the seal of the Ministry of Education is required. "X" visa is issued to those who stay in China for over six months while "F" visa to those who stay less than six months. Please also see Article No.13.

3. For working "Z" visa, besides a formal invitation or authorization letter from competent Chinese authorities, a work permit is also required, please see Article No.13.

4. For tourist visa "L" type, applicants are requested to provide hotel booking, return ticket and itinerary in China. Business people can also apply for a tourist visa if they don't have formal invitation or only have an invitation letter from private companies. No multiple-entries visa for "L" visa. If it's the first time to China, the applicants must provide 3-month bank-statement.

5. For transit visa "G" type, applicants are requested to provide a valid visa from the country of destination and an air ticket.

6. For travel to Tibet, please contact your local travel agency to obtain confirmation from the Tibet Tourist Bureau before applying for a visa.

7. Please note that the validity of a single or a double entries visa is 3 months, from the date of issuance. Applicants' passports should be valid for over six months for a visa, as well as with at least two blank visa pages. Applicants are kindly recommended to apply for their visas two weeks (in person) or a month (by mail or other delivery service) before departure (to avoid the expiration of the visa).

8. To apply for a visa, one must submit his/her passport to this Embassy or Chinese Consulate-Generals in this country, with a completed visa form, a recent passport-size (2"x2") photo (color with white or blue background). (Visa forms can be reproduced if more are needed).

9. The normal fees for all passport holders: R60 for a single entry/transit visa; R80 for a double entries/transits visa valid for three months, R110 for a multiple entry visa valid for six months, and R170 for a multiple entry visa valid for twelve months. A refund will not be available if the application is withdrawn or refused.

10. Visa will be collected on the fifth working day after submission for normal processing. If the applicants want his/her visa on the following working day, other than the normal visa fee, an extra R160 rush fee per person will be charged, and an extra R110 charged for collection on the third working day.

11. Checks are not acceptable. Only cash is accepted.

12. This office will not be responsible for any mishandling of the application made by mail or any other delivery services.

13. A health certificate is needed for those who will stay in China for more than one year.

14. Regulations and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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