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The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Seychelles Handovers Medical Supplies to the Ministry of Family Affairs of Seychelles
2020-07-23 18:09

On 22nd July, the handover ceremony of the anti-epidemic supplies donated by the Chinese Government to help Seychellois mothers and children and young people combat COVID-19 is held at Chinese Embassy in Seychelles. Chinese Ambassador to Seychelles, Mme. Guo Wei and Minister of Family Affairs of Seychelles, Mme. Mitcy Larue attended the ceremony.

For many years, Professor Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, has always been concerned about the cause of African women and children, and sympathized with the sufferings and the difficulties of the people in African countries including Seychelles, especially the vulnerable groups during the pandemic time. This batch of medical supplies, which was part of the aid materials donated by the Chinese Government through the Organization of African First Ladies for Development(OAFLAD) to 53 African countries, was exactly a positive response by Professor Peng to the assistance request from OAFLAD and a token of friendship from the Chinese people towards the African people and Seychellois.

“Women play an important role in Seychelles, while children and young people are the future and hope of the country. In the face of COVID-19, Madame Larue, the minister of Family Affairs, strives to promote the health and well-being of Seychellois women and children. We sincerely hope this donation could provide support to the mothers, children and young people in Seychelles to fight against the pandemic”, said the Chinese ambassador to Seychelles Mme Guo wei.

Ambassador Guo said that in the course of the fight against the COVID-19, China and Seychelles have worked together in solidarity with each other. Chinese government, Chinese embassy, Jack Ma Foundation and China’s city of Guangzhou have donated successively important batches of anti-epidemic supplies to Seychelles. The Chinese side will continue to work hand in hand with Seychelles to prevail over the pandemic.

During the Extraordinary China-Africa Summit On Solidarity Against COVID-19 on 17th June, President Xi Jinping stressed that solidarity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon for defeating COVID-19. Xi highlighted that China and Africa must stay committed to fighting COVID-19 together, enhancing cooperation, upholding multilateralism and taking their friendship forward. In his speech, Xi also announced that China will start ahead of schedule the construction of the Africa CDC headquarters this year and the African countries will be among the first to benefit once the development and deployment of COVID-19 vaccine is completed in China, etc. The Chinese Embassy will actively implement the outcome of the Extraordinary China-Africa Summit On Solidarity Against COVID-19, continue to support Seychelles epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery, and deepen friendly cooperation between the two countries in various fields and further deepen the friendship between the two countries.

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