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Chinese Ambassador to Seychelles H.E. Mrs GUO Wei attends the Handing over Ceremony of Baie Ste Anne Praslin Playground
2020-07-28 17:44

On 25th July, Chinese Ambassador to Seychelles H.E. Mrs GUO Wei attends the handing over ceremony of Baie Ste Anne Praslin Playground, reconstructed by the Chinese embassy in response to the initiative of Minister of Family Affairs Mitcy Larue. Minister of Family Affairs of Seychelles Mme. Mitcy Larue, Member of National Assembly for Grand Anse Praslin Mr Churchill Gill, PS for Local Governement Mrs Marie Celine Jeannevol, PS for Family Affairs Mrs Marie-Josee Bonne and District Administrator of Baie Ste Anne Mr Denis Antat attended the ceremony.


Ambassador GUO Wei said, one year ago, Minister Larue said that Baie Ste Anne Praslin Playground was in poor condition and lack of maintenance and had to be closed. She hoped that the Chinese Embassy could help rebuild it. The worthy efforts made by Minister Larue for the welfare of the children of Seychelles is most commendable and the Chinese embassy also hopes to do more for the children of Praslin. Despite the embassy's limited budgets, we gave our positive response without any hesitation to the good initiative by Minister Larue. For one year, the embassy has attached great importance to this project. In order to obtain the best results, we made inquiries into the local needs of Praslin, carefully planned, kept in close collaboration with different departments, and consigned the reconstruction of the project to Qingjian international (Seychelles) Group Dev. Co. Ltd-one of the best Chinese companies in the Seychelles. The embassy closely followed the progress of the operation while Qingjian company strictly controlled the quality of the project while accelerating the progress of the project despite the difficulties during the pandemic. During the reconstruction, the Ministry of Family Affairs, the Ministry of Local Government and the district of Baie Ste Anne also provided a lot of help and support. With the joint efforts of all parties, the new playground was successfully completed and officially opened today. It brings together the hard work and efforts of many people and is a new symbol of friendship between China and Seychelles.

The playground of Baie Ste Anne has a variety of installations including seesaws, swings and slides which will meet the needs of children of different ages. All the installations are of high quality and were imported from China.

For many years, the Chinese embassy in Seychelles has always been concerned about the development of children in Seychelles. In fact, the Baie Ste Anne Praslin Playground is the second major playground that we have helped build for Seychelles children in recent years. The previous one is for the District Anse Royale, which was highly and widely appreciated by the local people. In addition, the embassy also built some playgrounds for different districts, including the English River and Ile Perseverence. On important festivals such as Children's Day and Christmas, the Chinese embassy has never been absent. We have donated many school supplies and toys to Seychellois schools, hoping to bring some joy to the children. In the future, we will continue to support the development of the cause of women, children and young people in the Seychelles and strengthen cooperation with the Seychellois side in relevant domains.


Children are the future and the hope of a country. The embassy hopes the new playground will become a new place of fun and relaxation for children and community. We also wish that the innocent smiles of children could disperse the gloomy clouds of the epidemic and strengthen our conviction to defeat COVID-19.

Long live the friendship between China and the Seychelles!

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