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The Chinese Embassy in Seychelles donates Children's Day gifts to the National Council for Children and sponsors Seychelles' first Festival Zanfan
2021-06-02 21:51

On 1st June, to mark the International Children's Day, the Chinese Ambassador to Seychelles Mrs. GUO Wei, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy donated a variety of gifts to the National Council for Children (NCC) and sponsored USD$6000 for Seychelles' first Festival Zanfan to be held by NCC in July. The gifts include 30 big boxes of stationery, toys, sports goods and musical instruments, medical supplies, books and CDs. The First Lady Mrs. Linda Ramkalawan and Minister for Youth, Sports and Family Mrs. Marie Celine Zialor received the donation on behalf of NCC. Also present were Chief Executive of NCC Ms. Yasmin Umarji, some teachers and children.


Ambassador GUO said, "In China children are often likened to flowers and they carry the hopes for our brighter tomorrow and the dreams of our future. Over the past years, the worthy efforts made by Ministry of Youth, Sports and Family and NCC for the welfare of Seychellois Children are most commendable and the Chinese embassy in Seychelles also hopes to do more for Seychellois children. For many years, the Chinese embassy has always been concerned about the development of Seychellois Children. The embassy has built playgrounds for different districts, including those in Anse Royale and Baie Ste Anne Praslin. On important festivals such as Children's Day and Christmas, the embassy has donated numerous batches of school supplies and toys to the President's Village and Seychellois schools, in efforts to promote children's development."

Ambassador GUO further pointed out that "Over the past year, the Covid-19 ravaging the world has affected Seychellois children's study and daily life. The embassy has noted that next month NCC will hold the first Seychelles Children's Festival (Festival Zanfan). It will entail a series of interesting and important activities where the children could release suppressed emotions, showcase talents and share joy with each other. Some important topics such as creole culture and pertinent issues that are affecting children in this day and age including abuse and the effects of COVID-19 will be discussed. The embassy thinks this initiative is very meaningful, especially during the pandemic."

"Noting the activities have received tremendous support from First Lady Mrs. Linda Ramkalwan and Minister for Youth, Sports and Family Mrs. Marie Celine Zialor, the embassy would like to take a positive part in and provide support within its capacity. Today is the International Children's Day, and the embassy has prepared many gifts including stationery, toys, sports goods, books and medical supplies for children, and will donate USD $6000 for Festival Zanfan in July. It's expected that these will not only warm children's hearts, bring them joy and encouragement and help them with their study but also contribute to a successful Seychelles Children's Festival, support Seychelles' efforts to protect the children and the development of the cause of children in Seychelles. In the future, we will continue to strengthen cooperation with the Seychellois side in relevant domains." Ambassador GUO stated.

"We sincerely wish all of the children a happy Children's Day and the Festival Zanfan in July a success." said Ambassador GUO.

First Lady Linda and Minister Zialor thanked Ambassador GUO for thinking of Seychellois Children on their special day in spite of the difficult circumstances which have prevented any significant celebrations.

NCC chief executive Umarji remarked that there could not have been a better occasion to receive the gifts than on Children's Day. Expressing her gratitude on behalf of the NCC and the children of Seychelles, Ms Umarji said even though children are unable to celebrate their day they would very much appreciate the gifts.


The short ceremony ended with a song 'I'd like to teach the world to sing' by pupils from Children's House after which the guests joined Ambassador GUO to view the gifts.

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